RHOMBUS | Foldable Trivet

Introducing the RHOMBUS Foldable Trivet - a smart and practical addition to your kitchen. Its clever design not only protects your tabletop from heat sources but also folds neatly to save space. Upgrade your kitchen today with the RHOMBUS Foldable Trivet.

Material: Bamboo, Leather loop

Spaces: Kitchen, Dining room

Standard size: 16.9L x 14.1W x 1.5H (cm)

Sleek & Minimal

Explore the design brilliance of the RHOMBUS Foldable Trivet, a savvy enhancement for your kitchen. Beyond protecting your tabletop from heat sources, this trivet stands out for its ingenious space-saving capabilities.

Clever design

Its clever design allows it to neatly fold, minimizing its footprint when not in use. The addition of an elegant leather loop further enhances its practicality, offering both easy storage and a stylish touch.

Meticulously Crafted

Elevate your kitchen experience with the modern functionality and chic design of the RHOMBUS Foldable Trivet today.