POMP | Pedal Trash Bin

The POMP trash bin is an eco-friendly and elegant addition to any living space. Made from natural materials, it has a delicate texture and warm, neutral appearance. The whisper-close lid operates smoothly and quietly, and the removable bucket simplifies cleaning. Say goodbye to cold stainless steel or plastic bins and opt for the essential and earth-friendly POMP trash bin.

Material: Bamboo, Fabric (Polyester, Cotton)

Load Capacity: Total 15 Kg / 5kg per layer

Spaces: Bedroom, Living room, Storage room, Entryway

Medium: 30.6 x 37 x 40H (cm)

Small: 20.6 x 24.8 x 27H (cm)

A seamless blend

A seamless blend of delicate texture and a warm, neutral aesthetic. Meticulously crafted from natural materials, it not only embodies an elegant appearance but also aligns seamlessly with the principles of environmental friendliness.

Whisper-close lid

The whisper-close lid ensures a steady and quiet operation, while the removable bucket simplifies the cleaning process.

Essential & Earth-friendly

If you seek to move beyond the typical coldness of stainless steel or plastic bins, the POMP trash bin becomes an essential and earth-friendly addition, introducing a touch of elegance that harmonizes effortlessly with your living space.