ORSON | Pen Holder

Upgrade your desk with a stylish, curved pen holder that adds a touch of sophistication to your workspace. Made from bamboo, this pen holder has nine holes to keep your essential pens and pencils organized. With its elegant design, it's an excellent way to enhance the look of your typical workplace storage and add a touch of class to your desk.

Material: Natural Bamboo with Fabric(Polyester, Cotton)

Dark Stained Bamboo with Fabric(Polyester, Cotton)

Standard size: 8.6L x 5W x 10.4H (cm)

Refining sense of style

Enrich your desktop experience with an impressive, arched pen holder that introduces a refined sense of style.

Design Statement

This distinctive accessory goes beyond mere functionality, serving as a design statement to soften the often utilitarian appearance of workplace storage.

Tasteful blend of form and function.

Meticulously crafted from bamboo, the pen holder boasts nine meticulously designed holes to accommodate your essential pens and pencils, ensuring not only organized writing tools but also an infusion of elegance into your workspace.