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About Gudee

Welcome to Gudee, where innovation meets timeless design. At Gudee, we stand as pioneers in seamlessly blending bamboo and fabric, creating a unique and stylish fusion.

Originality is at the heart of our design philosophy, reflected in the numerous patents we've secured over the years. At Gudee, we are on a mission to craft Smart Designs that elevate your lifestyle.

More than just aesthetically pleasing, our products offer practical solutions for everyday challenges. By utilizing eco-friendly materials, particularly bamboo, we are committed to reducing waste and championing sustainability. Gudee takes pride in not just creating products but shaping a future where design meets responsibility. Elevate your lifestyle with Gudee – where innovation, quality, and sustainability come together seamlessly.

Gudee's global footprint
North America. Europe. Japan. Taiwan. Singapore now INDIA and beyond

Our Process

From the woods to your living space

Our journey begins higher up in the hills with the careful harvest of the finest quality of MOSO bamboo, which has been allowed to mature for at least 4-5 years.


Crafting the final product from raw bamboo requires our competent artisans to meticulously undertake a multi-step process that typically takes several weeks to complete.


We demonstrate our dedication to sustainability at every stage of our process, subjecting each product to a thorough series of quality checks before carefully packaging it using eco-friendly materials.


Our Design Philosophy

TOLIN | Storage Bench -

Comfort & Convenience

With the warmth of natural materials, we bring warmth to your home. We design everyday life items to provide people with comfortable and convenient for their living spaces.
Originality & Innovation

Originality & Innovation

We value the originality of our products, which concretely showcases the core values of our brand.We continuously innovate and combine different materials to create a diverse range of products.
BUTTERFLY | Laundry Hamper -

Focused on Details

Through a clever and thoughtful design, we add a touch of uniqueness to the ordinary, creating more surprises in people's daily lives.